Fujian, China

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About Fujian, China

 (福建) is a province on the southeast coast of China, one of the most important regions in the world both in total tea output, production of high-quality artisan teas, and development of different styles of tea and methods of tea production. A tremendous diversity of types of tea originated here.

Types of tea and subregions of Fujian

Fujian is particularly important in oolong teas, as many styles of oolong originated there. The two major oolong regions of Fujian are Anxi county in the south, and the Wuyi mountains (武夷山), in the north of the province. Anxi is the origin of tie guan yin.

Near Anxi, Yongchun also produces oolongs in a similar style. Wuyi is the origin of a number of other oolongs, including Da Hong Pao, Rou Gui, and many others. Wuyi is also important in black tea (red tea in Chinese), including Bohea, the black tea famous for its involvement in the Boston Tea Party. Wuyi borders Jiangxi province, and is near, but not sharing a border with Wuyuan county in that province, another key area in tea production.